Joining the Club

Why you Should join the Club

There are many benefits to becoming a fully paid up member of the club including exclusive deals on stickers and decals as well as other Club Merchandise. We also have access to an extensive database of the vehicles used for each Challenge, so if you own an "Event" vehicle, we may well be able to help you track down where your car was used and when. In some cases we can even tell you who drove that vehicle.

As part of the Membership you also get full access to the Forums, and as several of the Competitors are now regular contributors you can quiz them about their experiences.

There are also many shows around the UK that we as a club have a good presence at, by becoming a member you can come along and display your vehicle with pride and have a chat with other members. Further details on tickets and shows can be found within the forum.

Finally, by enjoying a good relationship with Land Rover and their Dealer Network, we are often able to get advance warning on when batches of vehicles and other items such as Kayaks, bicycles etc. will come available giving you the opportunity to purchase them before they become public knowledge.

On top of all this is of course the ability to chat with like minded individuals about pretty much anything and everything!


If you are looking at joining the G4 Club or you have any questions about joining please email;