About the Club

Objectives of the club

  • To promote the preservation and use of the Land Rover G4 Challenge vehicles and accessories, as used in the Land Rover G4 Challenge events in 2003, 2006, and preparation for the 2009 events (the 2009 final event was cancelled due to the global recession).
  • To promote the preservation and use of the Limited Edition G4 vehicles produced by Land Rover.
  • To provide information on past Land Rover G4 Challenge events to its members and the interested public.

Benefits of joining the club

The site is open to all in the World Wide Web, but it has a core Forum section for club members which is very active and for the benefit of club members only. We hope you become interested enough to become a club member. Full membership is £25. With an annual subscription of £20 running from January 1st to December 31st. If you have already invested in a G4 vehicle, then this small amount will further get the most out of your G4 investment. By joining the club, you will have access to the whole forum and benefit from:

  • Obtaining specific event vehicle history from our archive
  • Obtain photographs from past G4 events
  • Exchange information about vehicle preparation and restoration with club members
  • Receive information in obtaining G4 equipment and accessories
  • Have access to club merchandise
  • Take part in club events and national shows
  • Family Membership (Create up to "2" extra family member accounts on the forum)

Club History

As more and more of the vehicles used in the 2003 and 2006 Land Rover G4 Challenges made their way into private hands, many owners started to correspond with each other via other Clubs, and it quickly became apparent that this was an ideal opportunity to join together to share information. Early in 2007, following articles that appeared in several Land Rover magazines, a small number of these enthusiasts got together and started work on building the framework for an organisation. The Club's first public outing was at The Heritage Centre in Gaydon during May 2007, and were immediately warmly welcomed by other groups, as well as other visitors to Gaydon who have since joined the Forum. A second appearance a week later at the LRM Spring Adventure in Driffield proved that the club was here to stay with yet more people asking for details about membership.

Since those early days the club has seen the excitement of the 2009 event build up and then the eventual disappointment of the 2009 cancelled event. However, as those vehicles were released by Land Rover, enthusiasts quickly snapped them up and joined the club thus providing a rich history to the overall 3 events. Whether there will be another G4 event remains to be seen. Since Land Rovers promotion of the branding has taken two different directions for the Land Rover brand (Defender, Freelander, Discovery) and Range Rover brand (FFR, Sport, Evoque), it is unlikely that the G4 Challenge will continue in its past form.

This website acts as a central gathering place for Club Members, as well as others who are interested in learning more about the Land Rover G4 Challenge - The Ultimate Global Adventure!

Articles of Association and Club Rules